Wow, that was really sappy.

Yeah, I know I' m a big softie for Wookiees. Just another sign that I need to get more sleep.

Tomorrow, Monday, is actually my Friday, as I'm just finishing up opening 5 days in a row. That really screwed me up, as I'm not used to getting up early on a regular basis. Who am I going to complain to, though? I make the schedule. Everyone seems to getting along ok, knock on wood, but inventory is coming up, and that always makes me cranky, regardless of the outcome. I'll be back to my normal self on Sunday, February 13th, when its over, at least for a couple months.

I'm bringing my laptop to work, so I can type some more ramblings while Brenda moves the wall. I would really like to help, but helping her won't help her. That was the coolest sentence ever. I figure if I keep myself occupied tomorrow, I won't feel the need to intervene when I see her doing something I wouldn't. Like I told JET, I have to allow her to fail.

Our vacuum broke, and I couldn't fix it. I felt useless.

I put up window vinyl, and Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling look like aliens since I had to slice their heads in half in order to fit them in the window. They're just two aliens making out.

Today's random movie recommendation would be The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. It is the best self-deprecating sci-fi movie ever, and it features a talking skeleton. I SLEEP NOW!


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