So yeah, I'm kinda dumb sometimes...

In my infinite wisdom of planning, I scheduled myself to work nights all this week, but then to open Sunday, today. Well now I can't get to sleep, and I'm supposed to be to work in 3 hours. I guess I'll just stay awake, because if I go lay down now, I'm going to be even more tired when I have to get up. I don't want to crash right when I get home from work, either, since the Colts-Patriots game will still be on, and after that, the Golden Globes, which Kelsey and I were going to watch. Maybe I'll just run by the store and stock up on Red Bull. That'd work.

Nothing but drama at work recently. Nobody seems to be getting along with each other, which is frustrating, since working at a video store is a really easy job. I don't see why there's so much complaining going on. I'm lucky; I could be out digging ditches in this sub-zero weather. I'm just starting to get really tired of having to solve everyone's problems for them. I know that's a manager's job, but it'd be nice to not be the guy in charge for a change. Just do what I'm told and not have to worry about anyone else. But hey, stress is why I make the big bucks, he said sarcastically.

I'm looking forward to going home this weekend and seeing the folks, although this Ipass situation is straight-up rindonkulous. I have to pay 50 bucks, and authorize you to take 50 more bucks out of my credit card if I use up my credits? Heck with that. I'll see if I can buy one at Jewel without having to use the credit card. I just don't like the idea of a state I don't even live in charging me 50 bucks to drive on their interstate. I might try to Mapquest an alternate route home, but I bet it would take about twice as long, and I'd end up spending the money I save on tolls on gas instead. The fact that Illinois will now charge 1.50 at the border of Wisconsin is infuriating to me. ARGGGG!

I know I'm sort of rambling tonight, but hey, its 5:15 in the morning, and I can ramble all I please. That's all I have right now, but check out this cool link, right here. Night.


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