Again, up way too late.

I'll keep this quick, as I have to work in the morning. I had the day off today, but I didn't too anything too productive, other than clean up the apartment a little and finish my self-review for work. Normally, I think the concept of a self-review is kinda pointless, but since Jim is new as the DM, I have to make sure I get in my two cents this time. When he first came on, and Chris left, I was skeptical that the year-end reviews would be entirely accurate, since Jim has only been around a short time. I'm still skeptical.

Kelsey and I watched Wet Hot American Summer tonight, along with Tues and Wed editions of American Idol. Idol's like a live train wreck with millions of people tuning in every night to see people sing badly. I am one of those people. WHAS was awesome as usual, with talking vegetable cans and 80s cliches out the wazoo. I had either forgotten that Amy Poehler was in it, or I didn't quite know who she was the last time I watched it. Either way, she's spectacular, as always, and I hate Will Arnett so much. Grr..

Starting tomorrow I open 5 days in a row, so hopefully I can get back to some sort of normal sleep schedule. If not, I'll just be a zombie, and roam from town to town, occasionally pausing to feast on someone's brains. Then I'd turn to the camera (?), and in my best zombie-slash-Flintstones voice remark "Eh, it's a living." Shrug my shoulders and fade to black. Fin.


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