Tired.. Must sleep..

Long day at work today. I thought if I worked on reviews and did some paperwork time would go faster. Wrong. And much drama surrounding the propsed Jessie-to-Shorewood move. New DM Jim went ahead and told Shorewood's Store Director John that Jessie would be coming there, all without asking Jess. I don't want her to leave, because she's my most valuable partner, and she makes my job so much easier. Besides, Tim is leaving in two weeks, so if Jess left, it would be just Brenda, Will and I. Then I'd have to train a new shift leader, plus worrying about Brenda working by herself, so I would slowly lose my mind. No fun at all.

Also, I open tomorrow, so I have to be there about 7 hours from now. At least I'll have the night free so I can watch one of the NFL Wild Card games. Mmmmm, football. If it's the playoffs, I'd watch the 49ers play the Cardinals. I am worried about the Packers-Vikings game on Sunday, because if the Pack lose, I'm sure to fall into a deep depression.

I'm going to eat my Wendy's and go to sleep, or at least try to. My sleep schedule has been screwy this week, with two days off and a weird nap last night. I'll survive, though.


Blogger Maxx said...

Can they really throw partners around without asking them? Seems a bit communistic. I sure wouldn't go. Hope you don't get too depressed about The Pack- there's always next year!

4:33 PM  

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