Fire.. BAD!! Bread... good.

The Pack lost. I was kinda expecting it. I didn't think they could beat the Vikings 3 times in a row, unless Moss or Culpepper were out for the game. At least Corey Chavous didn't play. I friggin hate Corey Chavous. Almost as much as Chris Hovan. Stupid Vikings.

I'm going to try and see Kinsey tomorrow. It's on my Oscar buzz list, meaning I need to see it, since I think it'll get at least one Oscar nomination. There's a couple I don't think I'll get to see: Being Julia and Vera Drake. I think they both played at the Oriental or Downer back in October, but maybe for a week each only. I hope they get rereleased in time for the Oscars, so I can make an educated pick. I'll post my pre-Oscar picks here probably a week or so before the ceremony. It'll be interesting this year, where there's no clear frontrunner. Finding Neverland and The Aviator are getting a lot of talk as contenders, but neither one struck me as a Best Picture winner. Sideways is my favorite, I guess, but it still isn't the kind of film I absolutely love, like American Beauty or Return of the King. Oh well. Maybe Vampires vs. Zombies will win, and then the world would implode. That's be interesting.

I do hope that The Incredibles gets some serious Oscar nods, not just Best Animated Feature. A Best Picture nom would be awesome, but I'm not holding my breath. It's way better than Beauty and the Beast, and that got nominated back in 1992, but I don't know if Academy voters will take a cartoon superhero action flick seriously, even if it is one of the best movies of the year.

Enough rambling for now. I'm sure I'll continue as we get closer to the awards.


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