Sooo... what else....

Friday Dave and I moved all the shelving from Capitol to Coldspring. Oh my God. This was the worst job I have had working for Hollywood, and that includes inventory, which I HATE. We had to haul these ridiculously heavy shelving units out of the basement of Capitol, and fit them into my Explorer, Tetris-style. That took almost 2 hours. Then we drove over to Greenfield, and had to disassemble the current shelving and haul it into their basement. That took another two hours. Then we had to set up the new shelving. Another two hours. We were exhausted by the end. It was really an endurance challenge. And when Jim talked to me about it today, he was impressed we got it done so quickly. We thought we were going slow!

So needless to say, my night was shot. I went back to my store, picked up my work clothes, went home and went to sleep. In that order. And I took off Saturday, to make up for the fact that I worked a 13 hour day on Friday. So like I said, Kelsey and I went to Kingdom of Heaven, and then later went to Brian and Collette's housewarming party. That was fun, as a bunch of funny people were there, and I got to see Holly, who I hadn't seen in quite a while. We busted out the Karaoke Revolution, where, once again, Collette schooled all our sorry asses. She is a karaoke blackbelt. And we fought some digital ninjas, and watched Anchorman. Good times.

Whoops, sorry bout that, Whammy!

I also think Digital Ninja would be a pretty sweet band name. It just rolls off the tongue.

Tomorrow I've gotta meet with the big bosses to go over store goals and my PDP. Boring.

I did get to go home for Mother's Day, which was fun, if short. I also got to hang out with Kelsey on Tuesday, and we went to Charcoal Grill, and then watched Sleepy Hollow. Now that is cinematography. And I bought a digital camera, finally! I'll post some pics up here in a little while. It's a Sony Cybershot DSC-P200, and I love it. It's first real test will be our trip to Episode III, where I'll be sure to document all our geeky glory, and Brian randomly menacing people with his Darth Vader mask.

Mariah Carey is on TV right now, and it sounds like she's ripping her vocal cords to shreds. The crowd still goes wild though.

Anyway, I should go to bed. Digital Ninja, though. I'm a genius.


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