Mail Vol. 3

Attn: Brent
Subject: EIII

Dude, blip, beep, how totally psyched are you for Episode III? Blip blip?

--Robot model NF-74

I don't know why your robot noises were typed in your e-mail, unless you needed to convince me that you are, in fact, a robot. But I am totally psyched. Not as much as I was for Episode I, but I had a whole lot more free time on my hands back then. I ordered 10 tickets for the midnight Ultra Screen show at Westown, so Kelsey and I, Brian and Collette, Tim and his sister, and 4 other random people can go. I'm trying to take the whole day off work, so I can just go sit at the theater all day and be a geek. It's an inventory day, though, so we'll see. The trailer before Robots was totally badass, and I've watched it a couple times since, plus I've heard good buzz, albeit from weird places (a guest at work who played through the Lego Star Wars Xbox game, and Kevin Smith's blog.) So yeah, suffice it to say that I'm pretty amped up. And let it be known that if I have some sort of pissed off look on my face on May 19th, and I seem to be sulking about, it's probably not a good idea to mention the words "star", "wars", or "Lucas" anywhere in my general vicinity. Thanks.


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