The one where Brent is a feeble old man

So I took the day off work today, because the last two days I worked, I was in agony by the time I left. I must have strained/sprained something in my lower back, because I was having problems bending over, and eventually, walking. So I went to Walgreens and I bought a heating pad, and a massager, since it was on clearance, and I've spent all day today resting, and giving myself therapy. I went on WebMD and got some stretching exercises, too, since they basically said that my symptoms didn't necessarily require a trip to the doctor. If it doesn't get better, or stays like this for weeks, well, then, yeah, I guess I'll have to go. It does feel better right now, though. I hope I can just maintain it. I go to Crystal Lake tomorrow to see Kevin Smith, so that's basically just sitting all day, and then Monday I have to move the wall. Hopefully I'll feel a lot better then.

I intended to watch a bunch of movies today, but I started Elektra, and just got soooooo bored, and I got distracted by my computer. I spent a bunch of time this week working on Kelsey's birthday present, and I finished that off today. Today is her birthday, and I can't be at her party, so I feel like an ass. I know she's not mad at me or anything, but I feel like I should have played through the pain, Curt Schilling style. But I probably just would have made myself miserable, instead of healing like I should be. Plus, she says she's bringing me cake, so I don't feel left out. Sweet.

The other thing that sucks is that I haven't been able to see Sin City. I guess I'll go on Tuesday night or on my day off on Wednesday. Sigh.

Wrestlemania is tomorrow, and the tentative plan is to get it when we get back from Illinois. I say Cena over JBL, HHH over Batista, Undertaker over Orton, Michaels over Angle, Edge wins the ladder match, Eddy over Rey-Rey, Big Show over Akebono, and, for some ungodly reason, Trish over Christy.

Anyway, back to the heating pad. Seacrest out.


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