Personal notes, on a blog? No way!

So I've been busy reviewing movies, I haven't said what I've been doing.

Not much.

Well, Kelsey and I went to Madison, and we saw A Very Long Engagement, but we also saw Eric and Tina. That was hella fun. I miss them. I mean, I only live an hour away, I should really see them more. I finally got to see their wedding photos, which were amazing, and we got to hang out with the cats. Spenser loves me. Either that, or he just loves whoever is sitting on the couch that he can lean against. Yeah, that's more likely. So they might come out here for the Oscars, which would be really cool, as last year it was just Holly and I, and the Super Bowl was just Kelsey and I. Parties are hard to do when everyone works Sundays.

Super Bowl was fairly uneventful. I liked when Burt Reynolds got kicked in the crotch, especially since it was by a guy in a bear suit. That's why Trigger Happy TV is so brilliant, because it has guys in animal suits running around causing havoc. Yeah, I know it's juvenile, but it's funny. The game was kinda blah. I guess I was rooting for the Patriots, since I hate Philly, but I would have been okay either way.

It's inventory week at the HV, and I just want it to end. We're down to 6 people, as Mark just stopped showing up for work, so "he gone". We're okay, since they're rolling back our hours to 10 pm closing. It'll be just like old times at Tosa, working a 2-11 to close. Yay. I am going to hire maybe two more people, though, just to be safe.

Jim left me like 10 voicemails this week reminding me about my review session at 3 pm on Thursday, and then the 11th voicemail said they'd cancelled the reviews. Doh. I was all psyched up for it, too. They're just going to reschedule them for a couple weeks from now, most likely on my day off, just to throw me off.

Other than that, things are pretty normal. I've been getting updates from Japan from Greg's friend Ben, and it makes me want to go there. I don't speak any Japanese, but their culture is just so different from ours, it would be a great learning trip. Remind me how big the world is.

It's now 3:33 in the am. I'm going to go to sleep, or thereabouts. Night.


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