The Big Game

So I'm prepping for Super Bowl XL tonight, and I thought I should toss my sure to wrong analysis and predictions out there, PTI style.

Final Score: Pittsburgh Steelers 35, Seattle Seahawks 24
MVP: Jerome Bettis (as if it would be anyone else)

I just think the Steelers are the more complete team, as I don't particularly trust Seattle's receiving corps, but a lot will depend on the health of Troy Polamalu. I don't think I'll be too surprised if Seattle wins, but I think Pittsburgh, with two TDs from Bettis, will pull it off.

The Steelers have the advantage of "Office" mojo, since Ben Roethlisberger is the football doppelganger of lovable everyman Jim, as evidenced in the above photo I stole from somethingawful.com.

A select few will be heading over to my place for the game, and I'll yet again be the only one interested in the actual game. That's okay, though. The commercials are good too. Especially since we'll be treated to trailers for Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest and Cars. Maybe even a new Superman Returns trailer. Tee hee.

So I'll be sure to check in with y'all on Monday, when I'll have to eat my words after the Seahawks win 432-3. Doh.


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GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!

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