News from the Past!

Editor's Note: I usually type up blog entries in Wordpad, both to avoid blogger issues, and to use spellcheck. So I typed up the following back on October 31st, then promptly forgot about it. Enjoy!

Ben Folds was in Madison back on Wednesday, and what a coincidence, so was I. Brian had the hookup from his friend Katherine (or is it Catherine? Or Kathryn?) so not only did we have tickets for a sold out show, but she also saved us seats. Sweet.

Ben kicked out the jams, for sure, including a new version of “Jesusland”, and awesome sing-along version of “Underground”. Still no “Missing the War”, though. I guess that will just remain a dream, just out of reach. He did bust out a Carvey-style monologue, because, ladies and gentlemen, a long time ago there were a lot of people… but that was a long time ago.

Opening act The Fray was wholly unremarkable. Forgettable. Plus, their lead singer had a fauxhawk, and went for the cheap pop by mentioning the Mexican restaurant down the street. Am I supposed to be amazed that international pop superstars The Fray ate at a restaurant near here? Holy cow! I am pretty convinced that they didn’t eat anywhere near there, they just tell that story to seem like down-to-earth kinda guys. Screw that. Pop some Cristal and wallow in your opulence. If a fan asks for an autograph, sign it with their blood. Contempt for your audience is pretty awesome.

Thursday was my day off, but interestingly enough, I had to work about 5 hours. Jim had scheduled meetings with all the Store Directors to discuss Q3 results and plan for Q4, and I was first. So I had to be at the store at 8 am for that, and I was there until 10:30 or so. I spent the rest of the day checking movie theaters off my list, and I saw A History of Violence at Showtime, and North Country at Marcus South Shore. Then, I had to jet back to my ol’ stomping grounds at the Tosa store, and do their POS 2.0 conversion. Luckily, that went very smoothly.

I was going to go see Eef do an acoustic set at the Onopa, but I was very tired on Friday, and I would have had to go by myself, since everyone else was working at the haunted house. So I slept. That was fun.

The Packers. Wow, in a bad way.

White Sox. Wow, in a good way.

I guess I always figured the Cubbies would win a ring first, but good for the southsiders. They deserve it. I think the time has come, now, to fire Dusty freaking Baker, spend some money, and get the Cubs fans a World Series. Don’t sign Nomah!

Today is Halloween, and I’m wearing my Blockbuster uniform to work. (Picture here, with Mindy as Belle, and Dave as a "hobo.") I’ve been open for 6 hours now, and not one customer has said anything about it. It’s an interesting psychological experiment. People really don’t pay attention to the little things, I guess, or they don’t question change. I know if I walked into McDonald’s, and the person taking my order was wearing a Burger King uniform, I’d notice, and I’d ask what was going on. That’s just me, though.

No trick-or-treaters this year, again. When do I get to put some razor blades in apples? When’s my turn? But seriously, Wisconsin is messed up. They trick-or-treat on the closest Sunday to Halloween, during daylight hours. What’s wrong with these people? What has happened since I used to trick-or-treat to drive people to do this? It’s not right…

We’re starting to get into prime movie season again. The list of movies I need to see includes Capote, Mirrormask, Jarhead, Chicken Little, Domino, etc. Maxx got us tickets for the Harry Potter midnight show, so bonus points for him. I want to catch Chicken Little 3-D, but I’m not sure anywhere in Milwaukee will have it. Plus, Potter’s in IMAX, so it’s back to Lincolnshire either way.

-end transmission-


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