A week ago today, I was somewhere in the middle of the Indiana, speeding towards Indianapolis and An Evening with Kevin Smith. We left from Milwaukee around 9:45 am, and I basically put the car on autopilot towards Chicago. We took 94 through the city, and my brilliant Yahoo! Maps directions told me to get off on Armitage, even though that really didn’t make sense. So I trusted my directions, instead of my instincts, and we ending up taking an unnecessary detour through downtown Chicago. No harm done, though, as we easily hopped back on the highway and headed towards Indiana. We stopped in Merrillville for lunch, and then drove until I was almost on E, about 25 miles outside of Indy.

Indianapolis reminded me of Milwaukee, kind of a mid-major as far as cities go. Their downtown is easily accessible, and we found the theater easily enough, despite my directions telling me to turn right onto a “local road.” They did not tell me what the name of this road was, but we guessed correctly. The Indianapolis Symphony is on the edge of Monument Square, where in the center sits an obelisk dedicated to Indiana veterans of all wars leading up to 1896 or so. We arrived in the city about 3 hours before the show, so we killed time by wandering a local mall. I was happy, since I got to have Chick-Fil-A. It sounds pathetic, I know, but I’ve wanted to eat there ever since it was mentioned in “Army”, so now I have. It was okay.

Around this time there was a whole lot of drama with Renee’s boyfriend and whatnot, but I tried to keep out of it. You can save the drama for your momma.

Kevin came on at 8 pm and told a great, long story about his previous experience with Indianapolis, then answered questions. Dave got in line right away, and he ended up waiting in line for 4 hours. Standing, in the middle of the aisle. There’s a picture of him on the View Askew website, click here. Kev went on for many hours, finally ending at around 2:30 am. His consistent topics throughout the night were the fact that his third grade teacher was in the audience, and his recent “health issues”. He also gave a lot of insight into the making of Clerks 2, as well as his future.

After the show, Dave took the first shift driving, and after I guided him out of the city and onto I-65, I dozed a little bit. Around 3:30 am, though, he pulled off into the world’s creepiest gas station, and asked me to drive, even though he had insisted that he would be fine to drive home, since he’s a night owl and all. After I gulped down 2 bottles of MDX, I drove the rest of the way, while everybody else just slept. It was ok, though, since I chose the music, and I knew where I was going. I made it from Indy to Gurnee without stopping for gas, and we ended up back in Milwaukee by 6 am. And I worked at 3 pm. Good times.

I took a bunch of pictures, even though the staff said no photography. Everyone was taking pictures, and Kevin didn’t mind, so eventually they gave up trying to get us to stop. I still wasn’t using my flash, though, so some of them came out blurry. To check out the good ones, though, click here.

The sad thing is, there’s another show, next Friday, in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Drive-time-wise, it’d probably be a longer trip, but tickets are only 5 bucks. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to miss work again, much less with Dave, since there’s no one else to open the store. I’ll catch him at Wizard World, though, since Brian and I decided we’re going this year. I would love to be able to head out to Jersey for the Vulgarthon they’re doing in May, but I’ll be otherwise indisposed. On the beach. In Maui. Booyah.


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