Hey everybody, this guys a great big phony!

So Peter playing an acoustic "Rock Lobster" on tonight's Family Guy? Brilliant.

And then the Olsen twins pulling a dragon's skull out of its head through its nose on Robot Chicken? Hilarious.

Who says summer is the downtime for television? Plus Reno 911 and 30 Days start this week, so my DVR will be working overtime.

I know I should be out enjoying the beautiful summer weather, but ehhhhh... not so much. It's been so humid that I've been running the AC just to keep the apartment dry. It's like when you get out of the shower and you can't get dry. Humidity is teh suck.

Worky worky worky. I closed Friday and Saturday, and we had our meeting about movie trading after close Saturday night. So I got basically 3 hours of sleep, which meant I kinda stumbled home after work today and promptly slept through the improv show I was supposed to go to. So now I feel bad, but not as bad as I would have felt if I had fallen asleep there. I moved the wall today, with two full bays for Hitch, since I'm going to Glendale to help Brad with his wall. It's kinda weird, since Jim wants me to go, but I'm really not sure Brad wants my help. Oh well. I'll just shut up and do my job.

And I got yelled at by Jim for accusing somebody of stealing. I know he took something, but I can't prove it, so Hollywood wants me to shut up and let him in the store to rent or possibly steal some more. Again, I guess I'll have to just do what they tell me. If it was my store, though, no way would I even let him in the door. Sigh.

Batman Begins comes out this week, though, so all's well that ends well. That is sure to make me happy. It's looking less and less likely that I'll catch Cinderella Man, but Madagascar is still a priority. And I crossed High Tension off the list since it's been butchered with editing and dubbing to make it more marketable to Joe America. I want my French-Slasher-Horror flicks uncut, gosh darn it!

I also now have 50 dollars of trade in credit, with more to come. Now I just need to find something to buy at the ol HV.

Rats off to ya!


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