Last night I had the strangest dream...

where everything was exactly how it seemed.

No really, I had some crazy ass dreams last night. I could have had something to do with the fact that my recent sleep deprivation knocked me out at 8 pm, and I slept until around 11 or so this morning. Or the fact that heat is supposed to have something to do with dreams, and it has been pretty warm around here recently.

So I don't remember all of it, but bits and pieces. For example...

I was in somebody's office, like a professional location, with some random person, and we were talking about the MTV Movie Awards, specifically Andy Richter as Lindsay Lohan's father at last year's show.

"Ah, Andy Richter," I said. "Where has he gone?"

And the mysterious person I'm with just nods in agreement.

"His show was great. Not his last one (meaning "Quintuplets") but his old one (meaning "Andy Richter controls the Universe")."

"Yeah, "Quintuplets" sucked." said Random Person.

And we both just kinda glanced over at the corner of the room, where Andy Richter was sitting, apparently, and gave him a disapproving look. And he just lowered his head like a dog being yelled at for peeing on the rug.

And that was it.

And then I dreamt that I was in Paris, with a large group of people, like I was on the choir trip, but not necessarily those same people. And I kinda wandered off by myself, and onto the subway, but it was an elevated train, like in Prague, when Wyatt and I went to find the Sony Store. And I rode for a while, on my way to an unknown destination, until I realized I was on the wrong train. So I hopped off, then ran across the tracks at the station, and got back on the train going the other way. I then struck up a conversation with some French woman.

"This is my first time in Frahhnce," I said, with a stupid French accent.

"I see. Where are you trying to go?" she said.

"I don't know...." then I trailed off and that's all I remember.

I gotta lay off that peyote.


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