This is not an Episode III Review

So I can't get myself motivated to write a "review" of Episode III. I don't know why, except maybe I don't want to overanalyze it. I just want to remain blissfully ignorant, and accept that Sith is about as good as Lucas gets nowadays. So I'm going to post some random thoughts about the film, and that's all you're gonna get. SPOILERS obviously follow.

  • I love that Lucas (kinda) explained why certain Jedi disappear and some don't. That has bugged me since Episode I.
  • Ian McDiarmid is my hero. Palpatine was the most dynamic character in the entire prequel trilogy, although his "Emporer" makeup kinda sucked. I just didn't buy it as real.
  • While the story is supposed to be about Anakin's descent into the Dark Side, it's also about Padme's journey from fiercely independent queen/senator into weepy little girly-girl. Seriously. Natalie Portman deserves better than the crap lines she got in this movie.
  • Hayden Christensen improved from Clones, but that was also because he had more to work with in terms of conflict.
  • Ewan screaming at the end? Easily the most emotional impact of any of of the prequels. Easily.
  • I loved that the film ended with Owen and Beru holding Luke and looking out into the twin suns. Loved that. The shot of Luke in A New Hope doing the same thing is probably my single favorite image from the original trilogy, so Lucas got something right there.
  • Darth Vader. Started off cool, with Anakin writhing in pain while being remade by robots, and the POV shot of the mask going on was hella cool. But...
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Sucked. Totally took me out of the movie, and almost made me laugh. It would have been better, and made more sense, to just have him fall to his knees and hang his head. Defeated. It would explain why he continues to serve Palpy, and would be an out-of-character reaction, which is what the situation needed.
  • Also sucked? Yoda's "Not if anything to say about it I have." line. Sucked.
  • I still think Vader should have rebuilt himself. Otherwise why build up the plotline about him being good at fixing things? Imagine him on that table, with one robot arm left, beating away any help, and using the Force to use the tools himself to slowly rebuild his body, in isolation. That'd be way cool.
  • Chewbacca? Cool, but unnecessary.
  • Is Palpatine Anakin's "father"? Did he manipulate the Mitichlorians to create life in Shmi? I'm sure we'll find out eventually.
  • After seeing all three prequels, I do think they could have been organized better. More on this later.
  • Finally, Anakin killing all those Padawans? Awesome. That's how you turn a hero into a villain.

I thought it was the best of the prequels, easily. Not as good as any of the originals, but close to Jedi. It had action, adventure, surprises, and Darth f'n Vader. What else could I ask for?


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