I'm efficient!

Not really. Got home from work tonight around Midnight, and checked e-mail, played some Battlefront, etc. Now it's 3:20 am, and I have to get up early so Tim can come film at the apartment for William Steel 3: Redemption. (<--Click this. It's awesome.)

I updated my profile, so you can all find out about my favorite movies, music and whatnot.

I'll put a couple more pictures up tonight, too.

I strongly dislike Bruce Hornsby, and/or The Range.

Again, working all this weekend, so I have no time to see Cinderella Man, Madagascar or Episode III until Tuesday. I have to do my part to put Episode III in the top ten grossers of all time. Here's hoping. (fingers crossed)

That's it. Boring, I know. More in the morning.


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