Strange things are afoot at the Circle K...

Well, not really. I just had that line stuck in my head for some reason. So what's going on you ask? OK, I know you didn't ask. Just play along.

Well, I jetted home for Easter, and stayed in the flatlands for all of about 24 hours. Short, yes, but it was nice to see the folks and the puppy. I miss Joliet sometimes, even though most of my friends from there have moved. I don't miss it enough to want to move back there just cuz I'm homesick, but when I go, it feels like home. That's good enough for me.

The folks talked about going to Maui next May. They're so nice to me.

I've been slacking in my movie watching. Outside of Ring Two, I really haven't seen much. Sin City comes out this Friday, and I am there. It's been a while since I've been so excited to see a movie, probably Incredibles was the last major major release for me. Elektra and Spanglish come out on DVD next week, and I'll probably see both of those, but for reasons I'm not entirely sure of.

I had my review today at work, and Jim just basically told me stuff I already know, like the store needs to make more money. Yeah, I get that. I think he was just trying to kick me a swift kick in the ass to get me motivated. Not in a bad way, but he wants me to succeed. Jim is a genuine guy, and I believe what he says. Such was not the case with certain previous DMs that shall not be named herein. So now I can give Will and Jessie their reviews, and hopefully Jess will get off my back about it.

Watched Orgazmo on DVD tonight with Kelsey, finally. I haven't watched the special features yet, but just having this movie on disc would be enough for me. Now we just need to get Brian and Beau into their costumes again, and have a party. Fun times.

I'm watching American Idol right now, and they're remembering the 90s. Was it that long ago? Man. I'm old. Anyway, Nikko Smith should win. The rockers are cookie-cutter, and the rest of the guys annoy me too much. Vonzell and Nadia don't seem polished enough to me, so Carrie and Jessica end up in my top three. Vote off Anthony Federov, people of America! Rise up against your Fox oppressors!! He sucks!!

You know who else sucks? Paula frickin Abdul. Be mean for once in your life! She is nice to everyone, and she is a judge on a competition. Does not compute.

Boy, I just posted a rant about American Idol on my blog. That's sad.

That's enough for now, before I start rambling on about Days of our Lives or Dr. Phil....


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Went over to Google to make sure I was right about what movie "Strange things are afoot..." is from. The top three links were people's blogs with that as a title :-)

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