So, yeah...

Brian and Collette got married.

I took off for Illinois on Monday night, since I had vacation to take from work, so I stayed with the folks for a couple days extra. Tuesday went shopping with Mom, got some new dressy clothes for the wedding, since pants were unfortunately required at the ceremony. Also got a slipcover for the couch, so now it'll match the rest of the living room furniture, at least a little bit. It's fig. Also picked up the Family Guy movie on DVD, even though I downloaded it quite a while back. See that, RIAA and MPAA?

Anyway, Wednesday I mostly bummed around, hit the almighty Chicken N Spice for a niner, and finally got a Jackhammers hat that fits. Thursday was spent in preparation for Brian's "bachelor party" that I was kinda coordinating for that night. I was to pick him up at Collette's parent's house in Orland Park, and then drive to Schaumburg to meet Sean, Nick and Patrick at Gameworks, since they were driving down from Milwaukee. After some difficulty in finding the house, I got there, and just went in and surprised Brian, who while suspecting something was amiss, didn't really know what we were doing. I also got to meet Collette's parents and her sister Mandy (who knows Bev Holt!), who were very gracious, especially since I was whisking away their future son-in-law to god-knows-where. For all they knew, "Gameworks" was code for "strip club." Sean and I knew Brian (and Collette) would appreciate the videogame option more.

So Brian and I got to Schaumburg, with little traffic congestion, around 7 pm. The Milwaukee delegation did not arrive until 8:20 or so, so Brian and I killed time by wandering aimlessly around the Streets of Woodfield, and hitting the Cold Stone, then complaining loudly about the lack of Cake Batter ice cream. Some schmuck in Minnesota gets e. coli and they have to eliminate the whole flavor? Boo. Gameworks was running their thursday night special: starting at 9 pm, you could get an all-you-can-play card for 10 bucks. (Are you reading this, Maxx?) So once the D.U.M.B. posse got there, they ate and we commenced the jigglin! By which I mean game playing.

This place is great, espcially with an all-access pass. They've got DDR, something like 20 light gun games, 20 driving games, Guitar Freaks, Metal Slug (!), and Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, the sweetest game of all time. Well, maybe I exaggerate, but it is pretty cool. I will definitely be going back, but most likely on a Thursday, since I don't relish the idea of having to actually pay regular price. It wasn't too crowded either; I had expected it would be, since 10 bucks seems like a really good deal to me.

I think we gave Brian a night to remember, or at least I hope we did. At least we were out late, so it seemed like we were up to something.

I'll post some more tomorrow, about the rest of the weekend. I've got tons of pictures too, but I have to prep them for web, so stay tuned.


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