Hot Hot Heat (and ham sandwiches)

I’m at work typing this, killing time while there are no customers around. The air is so hot and humid out today; I expected to be busier than I am. I suppose people aren’t sick of the heat yet, so they’re out enjoying it. All I know is I’m jetting out of here at 5, and throwing the AC on high. Air conditioning is a friend of mine.

Like I said before, the folks came up to the northwoods this past weekend. They went on the Sprecher brewery tour, which I’ll have to do sometime, and then we went out with Kelsey for dinner at Saz’s. A good time was had by all. Kelsey’s housesitting for the Brunos up in Whitefolks Bay, so there was some driving involved, but no complaints here. I enjoy the driving.

Sunday I met the parents in Sussex for the British car show they came up to compete in. It was great to see so many different kinds of cars, and have a walking encyclopedia like Dad to let me know what was what. Miss Elizabeth, the car, won first place in the Spitfire class, which was great, even if we did have to wait until every other class was announced to find that out. Afterwards, we went out for custard at Oscar’s, and then they hit the ol’ dusty trail. But we’ll hook up again soon, at the White Sox game in July, and then when I have vacation, also in July. I’m fiending for some Chicken-N-Spice, so Joliet is my vacation destination. Plus, maybe I can clean up some of the junk I have stored in the basement, or start work on the camcorder-to-DVD project, if I get a video decoder by then. Depends on when bonuses come.

I get to go to 7 Mile Fair again this weekend. Oh joy. I don’t really mind too much, but it’s just so boring. And I don’t speak Spanish. And there’s no power in our booth, so I can’t bring my laptop. Well, I could, but it would only work for two hours or so. I would love to have a power hookup, so I could play movies all day, and attract people to the booth, but power costs extra, so no go. I guess I should just be happy that I’m inside. I’ll be more than halfway to Highway 158, so that means some sweet White Castle action for me one of those nights. I also have a dolly lined up for this trip, so I won’t have to worry about driving on the grounds. I’ll just park in the vendor lot, and wheel my stuff over to the building. Much easier that way.

I’m also in the midst of working 7 days in a row. There have been so many requests off from people at work that I’m beginning to wonder if we need another GSR. I know we need one come fall anyway, so I might as well get on that now. And I might have to work 4th of July, which I requested off about 4 months ago. Will might be able to close, in which case I’d be ok, but I’m gonna be hella pissed off if I have to miss Ben Folds at Summerfest. That’s the only day I want to go! Grrrrr..

I still haven’t been able to catch Batman Begins on the IMAX in Lincolnshire. Scheduling issues abound, but maybe next week Tuesday or Wednesday. Land of the Dead is a sure thing Friday night, as I cannot miss a Romero zombie movie. War of the Worlds then opens next week, which I’ll surely go see, in spite of Tom Cruise’s wacky antics. There was a poll in Entertainment Weekly that said most people are less likely to see the movie now than they were before the Cruise-Holmes publicity blitz. I think that’s kind of silly. If a movie looks good, go see it. Don’t let the personal actions of one of the actors affect what could be a very entertaining movie.

Or, conversely, in the words of fictional film critic Jay Sherman, “If the movie stinks, just don’t go.”

(Or as his also fictional father would say, “If the movie stinks, do-si-do.”)

This would apply to Herbie: Fully Loaded and Bewitched, the latter of which looks to be beyond the saving grace of Will Ferrell. Especially because it looks like he’s playing the straight man, which is insane casting. Ferrell needs to play the idiot, or the oddball. Not the Ben Stiller-schlub-slash-loser. Get it straight, Hollywood.

Was that too harsh? I can never tell…

Anyway, I will leave you with some words of wisdom, passed down to me from a Nepalese wise man:

Lindsay Lohan needs to eat a ham sandwich. Several, in fact.


Blogger -NinjaVANISH said...

Actually, I believe the wise man said "Lindsay Lohan needs to eat DELICIOUS FRESH BABIES."

Because in Nepal, they eat babies, and also kill kittens.

Nuke Nepal!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Maxx said...

http://www.somethingawful.com/articles.php?a=2861&p=7 Hooray for Orgazmo!

12:10 AM  

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