I rule!

I made out like a bandit at the Oriental poster sale, scoring Lost Skeleton, Brotherhood of the Wolf and Cradle Will Rock one-sheets, as well as House of Flying Daggers and Brotherhood of the Wolf press kits, all for about 15 bucks. That's awesome. I also met this guy who owns a movie memorabilia store down on Forest Home, and he gave me a flyer for 20% off. Also awesome. But best of all, Kelsey bought a Shaun of the Dead one-sheet and gave it to me. That was super awesome. I'm using the word awesome a lot.

Jessie started the immense, near-Herculean task of alphabetizing and repricing all the PVs in the store. I'm kinda letting her do it, since she called in extra help from Ryan to work on it today. I'm off Tuesday and Wednesday, but it should be finished on Thursday at latest. Everything else is really good and organized, so if we can crank this out we'll be in really good shape. Business has been kinda slow recently, due to lack of coupons as well as nice weather, so this is the perfect time to work on a project like this.

I watched An Evening with Kevin Smith again yesterday, and now I'm more psyched than ever for the show in April. Plus, Wrestlemania 22 is going to be in Chicago. Events abound. I might go see Clem Snide in Madison on Thursday. Maybe. And I made a huge list of all the movies I want to see at the theater now through September. Is that obsessive or psychotic? Probably. But I don't care. I'll post that later.

Arrested Development is on, so I gotta go watch that. Top three TV shows: Simpsons, Arrested Development, Lost. Word.


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