Eastwood Schmeastwood...

So the Oscars came and went, and I got a lot of picks right, and some wrong, as usual. But I did end up swearing at the television when Clint Eastwood won Best Director over Martin Scorcese. I cannot fathom how Scorcese doesn't have an Oscar win in his distinguished career, so maybe he pissed somebody off at some point. What is the deal? Everything else was at least acceptable in my sight, although a lot of my favorites didn't win. It's a bad sign for the show as a whole, though, when the coolest moment is The Motorcycle Diaries winning Best Original Song, and songwriter Jorge Drexler singing "Al Otro Lado Del Rio" as his acceptance speech. If that's the "moment" of the whole show, then let him sing the song instead of Antonio Banderas. NO, DON'T DO IT, IT'S TOO SEXY!! But I must...

And another thing, what's with traded players just not showing up for their new teams in the NBA? Alonzo Mourning was traded from New Jersey to Toronto, and he just never went there, the Raptors released him, and now he has signed with the Miami Heat. Same deal with Gary Payton being traded from Boston to Atlanta, and now he has re-signed with Boston without even suiting up for one game for the Hawks. Can someone please explain to me how this works? Aren't they under contract to report to whatever team they're traded to? I mean, they're making millions of dollars, and are both huge stars, but that doesn't excuse them from their obligations.

Turnover is 1 and 1 at the HV. Brenda is gone, transferred to 76th and Capitol since Jim finally realized she was destroying our labor budget. So I hope she does well there, although if she thought our store was busy, she's in for a hard, hard time at that store. Ryan is our new GSR, and he's pretty good so far, even though he said one of his favorite movies was Queen of the Damned. That's ok, not everyone likes the same movies. Or good ones.

Megan and Leonard and Eric and Tina skipped out on the Oscar party due to various illnesses, but I'm going to Madison for Meg & Leo's housewarming party on Saturday, unless I am stricken with polio or rickets or something. Saturday is the poster sale at the Oriental, and I am there at opening. I will smash a head if I need to, to get some sweet ass Lost Skeleton paraphenalia, if they even have any. We'll see. Kelsey and I are probably going to see The Jacket this weekend as well, for some scary Adrien Brody action. I wonder if he will continue to look like a certain Mr. Maxx King. See, Maxx King looks like Adrien Brody, whereas Tim Kutschera apparently looks like Daniel Radcliffe from the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD box. Bizarre.

Anyway, time to make the donuts.


Blogger Maxx said...

lol who said i look like adrien brody??? cuz if i look like daniel, but i look like adrien, then that means daniel looks like adrien, and...i can't quite see a jewish piano player with a wand in his hand.

11:34 PM  

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