Attention, people of San Diego...

I have just been handed an urgent news bulletin. I need all of you to stop what you're doing, and pay attention:


Ok, enough with the chitchat. Let's get down to business. What have I been doing?

Friday the 25th, Kelsey and I saw Land of the Dead.

Saturday and Sunday that weekend, I worked at Seven Mile Fair, which, again, was an experience. I made about $250 dollars the whole weekend, and my days were again filled with weird situations and great people-watching. I saw a senior citizen with a "hang out with your wang out" T-shirt, as well as a straight-up pimp. I was about to ask him where he got his pimp suit, but he looked like he could beat the hell out of me with both hands tied behind his back, so I decided discretion was the better part of valor. Also, the insane kid from the booth next door made a return appearance, jabbering at me for what seemed like hours in a language I'm pretty sure he made up. I mean, I can recognize Spanish, and understand some of it, and this kid was not speaking Spanish. So yeah, weekends mean bargains.. and insanity!

So after working those days, I needed something to cleanse the palate, shall we say. So Saturday, I made the trip to Kenosha for some White Castle, and Sunday I went swimming at Bag End or Hobbiton or wherever it is that Brian and Collette live. Which is convenient, since it looked like Mordor was taking over, due a scary looking, but essentially harmless storm rolling in while we in the pool. So that was fun.

Monday and Tuesday I worked at the store, and after work Monday Dave and I watched the WWE Vengeance PPV. I think Dave stabbed himself in the leg on my La-Z-Boy, then he fell asleep. Fun.

Tuesday was one of the most surreal nights of my life. I had heard from Brian that 102.1 FM was giving away backstage passes to the Ben Folds Summerfest show, and they were doing so at Kelly's Bleachers, which is a bar on Bluemound, not too far from my place. So I figured this was something I had to check out.

So first I went by myself, which I NEVER do. I don't think I've ever gone to a bar alone before, but Brian was occupied, as was Kelsey, so I made do. I walk in, and it'a apparently country night. There's some guy, who eerily reminded of Wyatt's old roommate Rich, leading a bunch of middle-agers and senior citizens in some ol-fashioned line dancing. I was confused. So I sauntered up to the bar, and ordered a MGD, and asked when the Summerfest promotion was going on. The bartender was confused. So I waited around, and sure enough, they were giving away Summerfest tickets, T-shirts, Kenny Chesney tickets, and Pat Green backstage passes. Oh, and Ben Folds passes, whoever that is. I swear, I had to be the only person there who even knew who he was, let alone would be interested in meeting him. So I bided my time, and drank some beer, watching the line dancers and the NBA draft. All of a sudden, the announcer says he's going to switch it up a bit, and play's Will Smith's "Men in Black". People rush out to the dance floor, and begin line-dancing to the song! I thought it kinda made sense, since in the video for that song, they do kinda have a dance that goes with it. So I let it go, even though the transition from "Redneck Woman" and "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" to "Men in Black" felt a little forced.

Then the DJ played Prince's "Cream".

And there were still people line-dancing.

To Prince.

Let me tell you, I had to put down my beer and gape in amazement, as grandmothers and mulleted Republicans broke out the organized country-western dancing to one of the most overtly sexual and anti-country songs you'll ever hear. OMG. I wanted to slap somebody, and say, listen, stick to Tim McGraw and Toby Keith. If I ever see someone line dancing to Prince again, I'll put a boot in their ass, since that's the American Way, according to Mr. Keith.

So some undeserving person won the passes for Ben, but I did win two free Summerfest tickets, and I only spent 8 dollars or so, so I came out ahead. Crazy, crazy night though.

Wednesday, Kelsey and I saw War of the Worlds.

Thursday and Friday, worked at the store.

Saturday the 2nd, i.e. today, Tim came to film more of William Steel 3: Redemption at my apartment. Good because I had a real good reason to clean the apartment, as well as get up early on a day off. So people died, and I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a serial killer now, but it's all good. They won't come over and tell me to quiet down then, will they?

Then I did some laundry and watched Live 8. See the profanity-laced tirade in my last post for more info on that.

That's about it. Tomorrow there will be work, then drinking and MST3K. Monday, I will celebrate out nation's independence by not working, and catching Lewis Black and Ben Folds at Summerfest. Transportation to be arranged later. Then Wednesday is the Chicago trip, where Kelsey and I will hit the Museum of Science and Industry, then the White Sox-Devil Rays game with my folks. So fun times abound.

And oh yeah, I got a flat tire on the way to Seven Mile Fair. That sucked.

Seacrest out.


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